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Jan 31

History of the Sherman Library District


Edited: Sep 14





The proposition passed by a vote of 201 to 156


Building just under 5,000 square feet


The first board hired Anita Walters to serve as the Director of the new library district until she retired June 30, 2016. Anita was aided by a staff which included Dawn Rutschke, Dr. Ted Morrissey, Mona Bentley, Phyllis Sanderbeck, Vicki Bryant and

Katheryn McKennedy.



Prior to Anita retiring the library underwent a large expansion project in 2015 nearly doubling the library to a little under 10,000 square feet.





Building just under 10,000 square feet following expansion project


The library board hired Rachel Kocis to serve as the Director following Anita's retirement. Rachel is currently aided by a staff which includes Dawn Rutschke,

Dr. Ted Morrissey, Phyllis Sanderbeck, Becky Miller, Isabella Marcolini and

Eileen Nelson.


The Sherman Public Library tax rates have varied over the years, see the chart below.












2013-2020 Budget Projections
















Feb 24Edited: Feb 24



Understanding the April 2, 2019 ballot for Sherman Public Library Trustees

Sherman Library Trustees serve a six (6) year term of office. However, if a Trustee leaves for some reason before their six (6) year term has expired, the seat can be filled as an "unexpired term". Therefore, on April 2, 2019 you are asked to vote for "Not more than two (2)" for a (Six Year Term), "Not more than one for an (Unexpired Four Year Term), and "Not more than one for an (Unexpired Two Year Term). This is because two Trustees obviously left their seat before their six year term expired.


Notice the wording is "Vote for not more than........" This is letting the voter know that only the stated number of candidates can be elected. It is not instructing the voter how to vote. It is only informing the voter that voting for more than the stated number is OVER VOTING. It is perfectly OK to UNDER VOTE!


Sep 14Edited: Sep 14

Published in the Sun-Times September 13, 2019

See historical 2013-2020 comparison above



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  • Is it legal for our mayor to post his campaign signs in the new public park? Doesn't seem right. If this is allowed Miss Shaw, Mr. Carter and Mrs. Jenkins should post some of theirs there also.
  • A residential homes life is considered to be 100 years. At some point during those 100 years, the local assessor should begin applying a deprecation factor when assessing the property. https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/learn/howassess.htm In general, the assessed value tends to be lower than the appraisal fair market value of property. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/assessedvalue.asp To review the Illinois Residential Assessment Practices visit the following site. http://www.revenue.state.il.us/localgovernment/propertytax/PTAX-1-A.pdf Illinois property taxes are calculated on 1/3rd of the assessed amount. If your home is assessed at a “market value” of $150,000 your assessed amount is $50,000 in which you are taxed minus any exemptions you qualify for. https://co.sangamon.il.us/departments/s-z/supervisor-of-assessments/exemptions For more information regarding property taxes in Illinois visit https://www.shermanforum.com/main-forum-page/city-spending-taxes/high-taxes So what are homes selling for in the Sherman, IL area? See the area home sales data below from 2016-2018. It is important to know what a home is assessed at when considering a purchase. https://tax.co.sangamon.il.us/SangamonCountyWeb/app/searchByParcelNumber.action If the home is assessed at a “market value” higher than the price you have agreed to pay for the property, then you need to file an assessment complaint with the County to have the assessed amount reduced. https://co.sangamon.il.us/departments/s-z/supervisor-of-assessments/assessment-complaint-form There is no better time to file an assessment complaint than just after purchasing a home for less than the assessed amount or soon after having a property apprised. Since Illinois assessors no longer visit a property or neighborhood to reassess , assessments can get over inflated over the years with constant multipliers being applied year after year increasing the assessed amount. Between annual assessment changes from township multipliers being applied and tax rate changes each year, property taxes increase more often than decrease. https://www.sangamoncountyclerk.com/Taxes/ListofAssessors.aspx Fancy Creek Assessor Williams Township Stacey Vincent (term 2017-2021) Jason LeMar (term 2017-2021) 6627 Mitts Road P.O. Box 1036 Springfield, IL 62707 Pawnee, IL 62558 (217) 971-5622 (217) 588-8741 staceyvincent@mchsi.com williamstwpil@gmail.com Homes between 1000-1999 square feet accounted for the most homes sold from 2016-2018. Homes between 2000-2999 square feet were the next highest number of homes that were sold during the same time frame. Homes between 3000-3999 square feet accounted for the third highest number of homes sold in the area. Homes between 4000-4999 square feet were the fourth highest number of homes sold. Homes between 5000-5999 square feet were next. Homes between 6000 square feet and larger accounted for the least number of homes sold in the area. The data below is broken down by square feet of homes. Notice how many of the older homes are assessed at a “market value” higher than what the homes last sold for. It is more common for older homes to be over assessed than newer homes. Most of the data groupings below include the home that sold for the least, the home that sold for the most and the largest home that sold in each grouping. Age/Location/Neighborhood matters along with the square footage of a home. Older homes in general sell for less than newer homes of similar size. Older homes have older wiring and plumbing, little to no insulation, do not include an open floor plan and many have open attics. Truss construction changed over the years as did many other building code requirements. To increase the value of an older home and get the most when selling, updates and improvements are a must. Two main things that sell a home are kitchens and bathrooms; however, these can also be the most expensive rooms to update. Do your homework when considering the purchase of a new home so you don't find yourself surprised by the cost of the high taxes or other high cost of living associated with the purchase of your new home. You can also contact the utility company ahead of time to find out what the average cost of utilities are.
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