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Jul 23, 2018



I have observed the administrator as well as the village have enforced some rules to certain people but does not enforced the rules to other people. For example, there’s complaint about travel trailers being parked in the yard. i have driving around the neighbors and discover nearly 20 homes have their travel trailers or boat trailers parked in the yard ... the village refuse to respond or take action when i brought to their attention... Clearly they enforced but not others... there’s no consistent enforcements... I’m concerned with the fact that the village may have faborism over othets! I hope I am wrong but it doesn’t appear that I’m wrong!!! that’s definitely concerns!!!

Jul 25, 2018Edited: Apr 2

There are properties in Sherman that are totally over grown with weeds, shrubs, and vines, fencing that is falling down, homes that are not being repaired and kept up, gutters that are full of debris and attracting misquotes, dog feces in yards that is not getting cleaned up and smells really bad, an abandon camper (no current license plate) parked in the driveway for years, and an accumulation of garbage and other items around the home which has to be attracting wildlife. Just drive down Parkway and Queensway Dr. to see two such properties. What's being done about them? Not much!! Many complicates have been filed.





Jul 25, 2018

This proves that the village are not consistent with the enforcement... they go after certain individuals but neglect others... I have been charged for unlawful disposal and ordered me to appear the court. I showed up the court and the village has failed to report to court. So my case was dismissed. But the village filed with the State Attorney office to go after me and now I have to appear in court. It’s clearly that the village is going after me even though they failed to follow through at first time. Stay tuned..,

Aug 1, 2018Edited: Sep 15

23 Kingsway Dr. has been a problem property for years and the Village has done very little to address the issue. Recently, the home owner had someone cut some of the stuff out of the fence, but neighbors are asking why they didn't come back to finish the job. So much more still needs to be done. The back yard is also filled with dog feces that seldom gets cleaned up. The roof needs to be replaced badly.



The below was included in the April 2009 Village Newsletter

Cracking down???? What a JOKE!!!!


Sep 14, 2018

Months pass by every year and nothing changes with these two properties. The Village is still not enforcing Village Code Violations. Do you think if these properties were in the neighborhood the Mayor and other board members live in they would have been cleaned up years ago?

Sep 15, 2018Edited: Sep 15

Village Administrator, Michael Stratton and a group of others from Living Faith Baptist Church cleaned up this property the morning of 9/15/2018. Does this mean they will be back several times a year to keep it clean? Amazing what the power of a website can accomplish that years of complaints couldn't! Thanks to them for their efforts!







April 2019 showed up as in Auction

June 2019 same resident still living there and backyard still full of dog feces.


September 2019 home showing up as in per-foreclosure. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/23-Kingsway-Dr-Sherman-IL-62684/116499379_zpid/


The home is currently assessed at $121,074, obviously the assessor needs to made a site visit and adjust the assessment.

Aug 1, 2018Edited: Oct 22

45 Queensway was another problem property in Lynndale Subdivision. The camper wasn't registered and hadn't been moved for years. The accumulation of trash in front of the garage, the south end and rear of the home had been getting worse over the years.


The owner of this home passed away in February 2019. As a result, the home was sold. Another Sherman resident purchased the home for $75,100 and is fixing it up. The home is currently assessed at a market value of $109,320. Obviously, the Fancy Creek assessor has not been out to take a look at the home in some time. Hopefully, after the new owner makes improvements the home will be reassessed to a realistic assessment. Homes in the Lynndale Subdivision were built in the early to mid 1960's.




Aug 1, 2018

The enforcement of Village code violations are not enforced equally among property owners in the Village.

Sep 19, 2018

Here is the link to the village code regarding swimming pools. Title 10, Chapter 12 10-12-3 Residential Swimming Pools http://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/index.php?book_id=852


Regarding fencing of a pool it states:


F. Fencing And Gates:

1. In ground swimming pools shall be enclosed with fencing with self-closing gates which are to be kept locked when the pool is not in use. Such fencing shall be at least four feet (4') in height above the surrounding grade level.

2. Above ground swimming pools shall be either fenced in the same manner as in ground swimming pools, or if they have rigid sides at least forty eight inches (48") above the ground, they shall be equipped with removable ladders. Above ground swimming pools with decks that do not have removable ladders or steps shall be equipped with locking gates or shall be fenced as required for in ground swimming pools.

3. Fencing existing prior to the effective date hereof that is at least forty two inches (42") tall will be grandfathered and allowed. Existing swimming pools shall have until August 5, 2005, to comply with this subsection.

Oct 28, 2018Edited: Jun 18

45 Queensway has still not been cleaned up!


The owner of this home passed away in February 2019. As a result, the home was sold. Another Sherman resident purchased the home for $75,100 and is fixing it up. The home is currently assessed at a market value of $109,320. Obviously, the Fancy Creek assessor has not been out to take a look at the home in some time. Hopefully, after the new owner makes improvements the home will be reassessed to a realistic assessment. Homes in the Lynndale Subdivision were built in the early to mid 1960's.

Some people have asked Josh Carter what he will do if elected about the issue with the Carter Family. The logical answer to that question is that he will abstain from voting since it's a conflict of interest for him. Similar to Mayor Clatfelter when he and developer Phil Zinn developed Pintail (off of 1st Street) together and asked for it to be removed from the Original TIF and all the zoning variances they requested and got without a hitch.


Others in the Village would like to know when the Village Board is going to begin enforcing existing village ordinances within the Village in other neighborhoods that Village Board members don't live in?


  • When will the issue of allowing a dog breeder to do so in a residential neighborhood get addressed?

  • When will the fact that dog feces is not getting cleaned up in the yard of a residential neighborhood get addressed?

  • Some people in Steeplechase are worried about having some cows graze several acres away from their back yards. How would you like to have a dog breeder right next door that never cleans up after them?

  • What about making sure homes are properly maintained before they begin to fall in?

  • What about the collection of trash all around a home in a residential neighborhood?

  • What about a large camper parked in a driveway that hasn't been moved in years and isn't even licensed any longer?

If you don't think these are current issues within the Village, then you need to get out of your own neighborhood and drive or walk around other neighborhoods within the Village limits!!

New Posts
  • So what else is new? The AT&T service has sucked in Sherman for a long time and they recently raised their cell phone rates!!!
  • Patriot1210
    Nov 1

    I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Mayor and the board for publicly clarifying the misunderstanding about TIF funds and the financial obligations of Sherman. I hope they take notice what happens when they allow a back and forth discussion with a constituent that has questions in a public forum. It amuses me to watch it unfold as both sides battle it out on social media (not excluding me). What is all the rage about? Why would there be any passionate opposition if things are above board and going so well? I'd hope we could all agree that we have nice amenities in Sherman. Is the park worth 4,000,000 to you and to your family? Were the comments by any of the incumbents surrounding the park accurate? Does the park generate money? No reasonable person could say that the park generates money. I will agree that doesnt necessarily mean that the park has no value. Just please stop saying that it generates revenue. It matters that things are openly discussed in a public forum. It matters that a deaf man is cut off from speaking on an issue, even if the Mayor doesn't share that persons views. Not one board member present at that meeting asked to extend his time to communicate. It matters that the last police Chief was ran out of here over a time card issue but the Mayor doesnt keep one. It matters that a Sherman resident and Sherman employee were wrongfully accused over Teen Court records. It seems that the mere accusation of wrong doing works here in Sherman. I assume that the 3 minute time cap on open public debate between the board and its constituents was due to Michael O'Hare arguing with the Mayor. It doesnt justify the 3 minute time cap for public comment with no public dialogue with your constituents. It matters that anyone wishing to speak to the board would be encouraged to do so publicly. The standard practice is to start the 3 minute time clock, ignore the residents emails, tell the resident to speak off camera after the meeting, or make a blanket statement that you can call by phone anytime to discuss the issue. Let's not forget how any political challengers were treated earlier this year. We cannot ignore it nor should we. I am sure that no matter the side of the political landscape we land on, we all want Sherman to succeed. We may disagree on which candidate will achieve that goal. No matter who is the Village President it matters how you treat people. It matters what you say. If you look at our current Mayor a little more closely it becomes clear that he feels that he is beyond reproach. So I appreciate the multiple posts on Facebook of the one meeting that supports their positive narrative of a very arrogant administration. Are you really asking voters to ignore the other videos that paint a very different picture? Are those posts of support intended to encourage us all to forget the pattern of how anyone who shares different views are treated by this Village President publicly? I cant imagine how he behaves in private. Vote your conscience but stop with the see I told you so defense that this one meeting has provided you.
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