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Sep 18, 2018

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Edited: Dec 13, 2018

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  • So what else is new? The AT&T service has sucked in Sherman for a long time and they recently raised their cell phone rates!!!
  • Patriot1210
    Nov 1

    I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Mayor and the board for publicly clarifying the misunderstanding about TIF funds and the financial obligations of Sherman. I hope they take notice what happens when they allow a back and forth discussion with a constituent that has questions in a public forum. It amuses me to watch it unfold as both sides battle it out on social media (not excluding me). What is all the rage about? Why would there be any passionate opposition if things are above board and going so well? I'd hope we could all agree that we have nice amenities in Sherman. Is the park worth 4,000,000 to you and to your family? Were the comments by any of the incumbents surrounding the park accurate? Does the park generate money? No reasonable person could say that the park generates money. I will agree that doesnt necessarily mean that the park has no value. Just please stop saying that it generates revenue. It matters that things are openly discussed in a public forum. It matters that a deaf man is cut off from speaking on an issue, even if the Mayor doesn't share that persons views. Not one board member present at that meeting asked to extend his time to communicate. It matters that the last police Chief was ran out of here over a time card issue but the Mayor doesnt keep one. It matters that a Sherman resident and Sherman employee were wrongfully accused over Teen Court records. It seems that the mere accusation of wrong doing works here in Sherman. I assume that the 3 minute time cap on open public debate between the board and its constituents was due to Michael O'Hare arguing with the Mayor. It doesnt justify the 3 minute time cap for public comment with no public dialogue with your constituents. It matters that anyone wishing to speak to the board would be encouraged to do so publicly. The standard practice is to start the 3 minute time clock, ignore the residents emails, tell the resident to speak off camera after the meeting, or make a blanket statement that you can call by phone anytime to discuss the issue. Let's not forget how any political challengers were treated earlier this year. We cannot ignore it nor should we. I am sure that no matter the side of the political landscape we land on, we all want Sherman to succeed. We may disagree on which candidate will achieve that goal. No matter who is the Village President it matters how you treat people. It matters what you say. If you look at our current Mayor a little more closely it becomes clear that he feels that he is beyond reproach. So I appreciate the multiple posts on Facebook of the one meeting that supports their positive narrative of a very arrogant administration. Are you really asking voters to ignore the other videos that paint a very different picture? Are those posts of support intended to encourage us all to forget the pattern of how anyone who shares different views are treated by this Village President publicly? I cant imagine how he behaves in private. Vote your conscience but stop with the see I told you so defense that this one meeting has provided you.
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